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Re: [ossig] Calling all open content + open access advocates.

> Why is complex software necessary?  If I (for example) need to do an 
> presentation to
> my team, that takes 3 hours to research, on something related to open 
> source, I
> can either throw that material away afterwards (or hide it in my hard 
> disc), or I can
> publish it online.  If I make it open content (with attribution 
> required), there's more benefit
> for my employer and myself in terms of reputation.  All it takes it 
> 15-30 extra minutes to
> check there's nothing confidential, and fire up 'ftp' and edit the web 
> page.

OK, i get it now, but then, we are possibly (necessarily?) segregating 
people interested into the idea into two groups. Because for the idea to 
work (to a reasonable degree of success anyway) would require a 
centralized location to which the content is to be published, handled by 
a technical team in charge of implementing the 'portal', so to speak.

The other revolution that needs to happen is to expose people to the new 
portal and then elaborate on the benefits of presenting what would 
otherwise end up in the Recycle Bin (literally and figuratively, =) on 
the site. You gave some very good points (especially the one about 
reputation and status) which I think (with enough elaboration) should be 
the first thing anybody should read regarding the entire idea of open 
intellectual property.

In fact, the portal could even have the "What is it" and "The benefits" 
as its front page rather than in a small section. Therefore, we would 
ensure that people would get pertinent information about the portal just 
by typing its URL and hitting Enter . Most sites today - using the 
analogy of a brick and mortar store - whisks you straight to the 
'warehouse' and 'counter' and ask you "What do you want". Instead of 
doing that, we should go for a 'front porch' approach where we get to 
say "This is what we do. Interested?". It seems like sites nowadays are 
designed to hopefully confuse you (if you're new) into clicking on a 
link that pays them 0.01 cents per click.


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