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Re: [ossig] Possible to split scope of 2 mailing lists?

--- Dinesh Nair <dinesh@alphaque.com> wrote:
> On Tue, 30 Mar 2004, Mukhsein Johari wrote:
> > Uh. Dinesh, care to elaborate? Or are your
> objections
> > along the line's of Colins? I can understand that.
> i'd rather we work on UNITY instead of further
> fragmentation. do note
> that the ossig@mncc mailing list is the formal
> vehicle for the mncc, while
> myoss is an informal grouping of open source
> advocates, developers and
> users. i'd like to keep it that way, not segmenting
> on the content and
> context of the mailing lists.
> added to these are the numerous (usually bahasa
> based) mailing list of the
> diverse linux/freebsd groups in the country. i'd
> rather we have one banner
> we charge under than to do it under multiple
> banners.

Hmm...I see your point. I agree that there _is_ a need
to unify the community when it comes to open source
issues. Still, I always thought the linux/bsd mls are
even more specialized than our two mls. You might get
better 'bang for buck' on those lists if your
question/focus is the ml's reason for being.

Anyway, this is moot, it seems the two mls work as it
is...if it aint broke...

Unless and until there is a tipping point when many
people complain one way ot another, there's no real
need to split, I guess. Btw, about ossig being more
formal. Are you sure? It seems pretty laid-back to me.
Maybe that's a feature of open source people? :-)

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