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Re: [ossig] Calling all open content + open access advocates.

> Which two groups?

People providing open content and people in charge of getting it 
published. I mean, most adults I know have little interest of the 
Internet, use their computer as a typing machine and know very little 
about anything philosophically deep beyond finding out how to keep 
students quiet. Which is why without awareness, the whole thing would 
not work (not outside the realm of open IT content anyway...).

> I was thinking of a mailing list before a portal.   Let's discuss the
> word first. Many universities (for example) have existing e-learning
> web sites, but password protected so only paid students can access.
> My aim is not that we try to implement open content + open access
> immediately, rather to raise awareness.

My thinking is that instead of going around organizing seminars and 
preaching about it (would help, nonetheless), we simply get a 
domain-name and then slap our philosophy (broshure?) in index.html and 
let that be the first thing they see. You kill a bird with two stones 
that way.

Your proposition of a ML for this purpose is somewhat hard to implement. 
It would work to provide a platform for interested parties to see how 
development of the open content is going (the technical stuff, i guess), 
but to disseminate the actual content itself would require a pull medium.


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