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Re: [ossig] "Identify 5 types of malicious code"

Re : "Identify 5 TYPES of malicious code"

Uwe Dippel wrote:

> Expected were things like: Trojan, Virus, Worm, Rabbit, (Time / 
> Logical) Bomb, Back-/Trap-Door, etc. 

Rabbit? Maybe nobody's been malicious enough to send a rabbit
my way yet :) Care to elaborate?

> My normal generosity made me except Code Red, Blaster, Nimda, etc.

You are very lenient. They are not types, they are instances, Students
need to understand the bigger picture! If you said 'name 4 modes of
transport', should you accept 'Proton Saga'? I guess you were keen to
give some marks away :)
Hope you didn't accept more than 1 virus, 1 worm, 1 trojan etc from any 1

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