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Re: [ossig] Copyright Laws

On Jun 1, 2004, at 02:48, SianLun Lau wrote:

>> 1. Many are "brought up" on Windows, so when they choose servers for
>> their company, they choose the familiar
> not fully true. it is also the bosses who have a mindset that perhaps
> windows are better.

heh those are getting rare ... most of those that think that way now 
probably think
windows may not be better but "easier to implement and manage"

> windows can be also ok for some jobs, but IT Depts always have crappy
> windows admin.

yes, windows is great for playing games, ok thanks to nero, it burns 
cds and dvds rather well too
but yeah, windows admins tend to have a very narrow focus, drift 
slightly outside ... and you lose them..
I know of some who get all confused when the netmask isn't

> if you look into long run, i rather go the safer way. i found many
> MCSEs are more crap than a self learn linux chap.

there is a reason .... the self learner is "interested" and has 
initiative ... major advantage over someone getting certified MCSE
so that they can get a job

> how much more? :) a good windows admin would cost also *more*

good people always cost more :)

> i can't answer them :) never into this :) but i guess when they are at
> least competent, i should give them say like at least 3k?

lemme give you an idea ...
years of experience is a rough measure of someone's ability, much 
better than paper certifications
more importantly is what they person has been doing over the last few 

given this lack of precision in judging a persons real ability, we 
still have to use years of experience as a measure

given this, I expect RM 1K per year of experience starting at about 2K

so fresh grad zero work experience - about 2K +/- depending on 
attitude, CV, extra curricular activities and hobbies
add 1K per year
so a good sysadmin/developer with 5 years experience should be around 
10 years experience should be around 12K

These salaries are not high when compared to say US, Europe, Japan ... 
even after adjusting for cost of living
and it is worse given the weakness of our RM

Now, does any employer pay that kind of money ? I don't think so, not 
to Sysadmins and Developers
Only Managers and Sales people get that kind of money

Now we see why there are so few good sysadmins and developers....most 
of the really talented ones are now in management
not because they like the job

Bottom line is "In Malaysia Techies don't get to drive BMWs and Mercs"

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