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Re: [ossig] Copyright Laws

On Mon, 2004-05-31 at 21:56, Imran William Smith wrote:

> Theory 1)
> Devils advocate - because there's a steeper learning
> curve, meaning more people give up and go the VB route,
> so maybe good Unix programmers are more intelligent :) and
> you are paying for that?

If VB is deemed easy to learn, doesn't Python fit into the same
(I've never learnt/used VB, but if there's someone who's used both
VB/Python, please do speak up)

> Theory 2)
> If there's less demand for something, it's more of a risk to
> go into that field, and based on stockmarket principles, those 
> taking more risk demand a risk premium.   That's one reason why
> stocks pay more than bonds, in the long term.

Guess so. Changing the mindsets of the current/upcoming generation is
what needs to happen - how?

A lot of my friends and mates at uni think I'm on crack with this open
source thing. They all run Windows, they all play games, they all do
their work on Windows, and so on; I'm the bloke with about a dozen boxes
all running Linux/*BSD variants, which kinda freak them out thinking I'm
taking a big risk not getting my Windows skills in place

Am I? Do I need MS Windows skills? Should I go out and get myself an
MCSE certification to get me "on track" sometime soon?
Colin Charles, byte@aeon.com.my

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