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Re: [ossig] Copyright Laws

On Wed, 2004-06-02 at 05:07, Tze-Meng Tan wrote:

> >> Like it or not, UNIX/Linux people cost more.....
> >
> > Why do they cost more? Its an attitude like this that makes people run
> > away. Using the fact that they're lesser in number isn't useful either
> thats reality, not attitude.... MCSEs are everywhere, plenty of supply, 
> like rice, therefore cheap
> UNIX and Linux people are rare. like diamons .... therefore demand 
> higher salaries

Keep in mind, holding an MCSE doesn't make you a good Windows admin;
just like holding an LPI/RHCE/RHCT/Novell Linux/SAIR/etc...
certification doesn't make you a more competent admin.

It makes you a good exam taker definitely, but doesn't say much about
how useful your skills are (okay, the RHCEs are practical unlike the
others, but the point still stands)

So, I don't think the diamond vs. pebble argument stands. I'd prefer to
know why more people take MCSEs rather than say, the LPI examinations?
Is it because of Imran's Theory #2? How do we overcome that?

> oh yes, I've seen my share :) ... this is just for the sake of 
> comparison, a bit of generalisation, 5 years should be long enuff for 
> the typical sysadmin to get
> competent

Yet, some get competent much quicker provided they have good mentors and
a good learning environment (where you can break things, and fix 'em
under pressure)

If Khairil is reading this, he might chime in on how some of the folk
have seen 500 computers on a network and had to manage it, while lots of
local admins cry when they see 100! (at uni, the experience came...)

> > The problem with Malaysia is that they're just way too many
> > half-past-six fellows around. They preach Unix/Linux, yet use Windows 
> > on
> > a daily basis. This is what spoils the market - they offer cheap
> > services, yet they're damaging:
> >
> > a) they provide crap service
> > b) they drive the price down for services
> damned straight ... got outbid in a job to secure 6 Solaris servers, 
> customer pays RM1+ million for the servers and some nitwit quoted 
> RM1800 to do *ALL* of em.
> wonder if the machines have been owned yet ...

It's a real pity; customers should make sure the "Google test" is
performed before actually shelling out cash, sometimes. A company's
website can be filled with lies, but the Google test usually shows
useful reputation... (read a paper by Andrew Clausen on Google's page
rank for some background information if required)

> > c) because of (b), "good" Unix/Linux admins/developers cost more
> > d) good training doesn't happen, so there's no next level to take over,
> > this helps (c)
> >
> > So, if we get rid of these half-past-six folk, and there are true-blue
> > OSS believers and deliverers, ready to get the next generation ready,
> > will Unix/Linux folk cost more?
> Thats a BIG IF ... problem is most customers cannot tell if someone is 
> good or not...usually they go for the cheapest

Google test
Colin Charles, byte@aeon.com.my

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