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Re: [ossig] [OSSIG] Proposal for the formation of an OSSIndustry A ssociation

i agree with the proposal.

as an accountant, one of the things that we need to consider is the
formation of the association.

1. a trade association - like pikom where members pay fees but there are
no profit dividends. cannot have subsidiary companies.

2. a private company - which makes profits and gives out dividends to
shareholders. some restrictions on share transfer. can have subsidiary

3. a trade cooperative - which makes profits and gives out dividends to
members. minimal restriction on share transfer. can have subsidiary

i like the idea for a trade cooperative. we can start small with funds
from members, then form a private company subsidiary to participate in
tenders, at the initial stage sub-contract some of the work to the
members. we can also get some assistance from osspip for the private
company. if we are more successful, we can list the private company on
mesdaq / nasdaq. and if it becomes more successful, we will rule the
world... har har har...

seriously though, a trade cooperative is in concept a more egalitarian
socialist - which is somewhat compatible with the oss community. anybody
know of any oss trade cooperative anywhere in the world ? there are
companies, associations, clubs - but i have yet to come across an oss
cooperative before. in fact, i have never come across a software
cooperative before. 

the usual ones are agricultural based (rubber, palm, felda, felcra),
govt agencies based (tentera, jpm), property based, and employee based.
some of these cooperatives are really loaded with money.

if everyone is okay with this, i can go and find some info on setting up
and running a cooperative.

one other idea i had was to get this new cooperative to become sort of a
commercial clearing house / exchange for oss. because the cooperative is
a legal entity, it can own assets, including intellectual property.
within this exchange we can have developers, service providers and
users. dinesh, will probably have some more ideas on this aspect.

on a personal note, i do not agree with segregation between true blue
oss and 'wannabes'. i am a typical wannabe. will a typical wannabe add
or dilute the value of the oss community ?

Raja Iskandar Shah

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From: Uwe Dippel <udippel@uniten.edu.my>
Date: Thursday, June 3, 2004 10:44 am
Subject: Re: [ossig] [OSSIG] Proposal for the formation of an OSS
Industry A	ssociation

> Nah Soo Hoe wrote:
> > Good idea but IMHO for this to work two key issues have to be 
> adequately 
> > addressed:
> > 
> > - Funding.  
> > [...] anyway this association has to be able to 
> > sustain itself in the long run.
> Oh, yes, please. We have much too many around living off subsidies.
> > - Trust. Members have to trust each other in order to pull 
> together their 
> > weight and expertise so that they can become a force to be 
> reckoned with.  
> > They need to be able to work together and agree on how to split 
> the 
> > profits etc.
> True
> > Anyway this is an idea worth exploring further.
> Very true !
> Even though I'd never participate actively; status: no PR; 
> contractual 
> obligations, tralala;
> I'd *love* to have this association from the educator's point of 
> view: 
> From Industrial Training stints to 'passing' the really good 
> boys&girls 
> to the association in need of them, *and* offer a possible career 
> opportunity to the students; too often cited as argument against 
> majoring in OSS.
> Yes, by all means, go ahead !
> Uwe
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