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Re: [ossig] Copyright Laws

Christopher DeMarco wrote:

>>hm, my techs  in  the  company  here in  germany  still  drives  his
>>bicycles :) hehehe :)
> When I asked people whether  it was feasible to  bicycle to work in KL
> they laughed at me :(
> Now I know why !:0  
> Wish I lived somewhere with friendlier streets ;)

Ah, the 'typical' foreigner's complain ! - Héhéhé.
Personally, I do prefer being in Malaysia (Roti Canai, Daun Pisang, Yee 
Mee) compared to using my push-bike.
But still, also one of my most prominent complaints ! Before I used to 
bike to work throughout the year; some 10 km forth and back each, for 6 
But Holland is world-famous and world-class for their dedicated bike 
lanes; almost no place, no street without. Even much better than 
Germany; also there I used to bike to work since I entered the workforce 
in February 1980, though, whenever possible.
But look at my shape ... ! I tend to be short of breath now; lacking 
exercise; and the Roti Canai, Daun Pisang, Yee Mee and Teh Tarikh have 
all left their traces about where my belt is located; without a chance 
of change.
It is a pity that there is no other vision than 2020; and many good 
opportunities not being picked up to reduce traffic congestion, combat 
obesity, increase public health, simply discarded for ... ? I don't 
know, seriously, for what reason or purpose.


Linux.  You can find a worse OS, but it costs more.

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