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Re: [ossig] [OSSIG] Proposal for the formation of an OSS Industry Association

On Jun 3, 2004, at 08:18, Nah Soo Hoe wrote:

> Good idea but IMHO for this to work two key issues have to be 
> adequately
> addressed:
> - Funding.  Presumably from the members who will have to pay a
> subscription fee, or maybe a % of some business won thru the support of
> the association.

Yes, my major concern too and Dinesh.

> Membership fees cannot be too high since members
> themselves are assumed to be struggling and they also need as much 
> profits
> as they can get without giving away too much of it to the association.

yes, I was thinking in the range of 1K-2K a year.....a token thing, 
thats about as much as I can afford at this time anyway
yes, I know its not a lot so the question will need to be addressed, 
how will this association get its initial funding
- eventually Media distribution, training, consultancy, certification, 
seminars etc will start generating revenue

> Without adequate funding the activities you proposed cannot take place
> properly.  Perhaps a case can be made for an initial grant from the 
> Govt
> (I can already hear cries from established businesses howling unfair
> subsidies and trade practice) since it wants to encourage private 
> sector
> praticipation in OSS, but anyway this association has to be able to
> sustain itself in the long run.

yes, agreed, the idea is the association's activities will generate 

> - Trust. Members have to trust each other in order to pull together 
> their
> weight and expertise so that they can become a force to be reckoned 
> with.
> They need to be able to work together and agree on how to split the
> profits etc.

Yes, if we can't trust each other not just an association like this 
will be doomed to failure
the whole OSS thing is going to die too, people withholding code which 
they have written instead of sharing it with the community and
withholding expertise instead of sharing ... I saw elements of this in 
FOSSCON actually
some of the "technical" presentations had very little technical 
sharing, and some slides were skipped ...
not the way knowledge is openly shared in other events I've been to 
like INET and APRICOT.
I hope this attitude changes.

> Anyway this is an idea worth exploring further.
  Great, the big question is still funding

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