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Re: [ossig] Copyright Laws

On Jun 3, 2004, at 02:02, Colin Charles wrote:
> The Asian world has made paper certifications to be the be all and end
> all. The paper chase is a real one, and experience isn't as highly
> regarded, IMHO

sad but true
My wife just got a job, after 18 years working they still want her 
school exam certs !!!
> Going up the ranks is normal, I guess... That aside,
> sysadmins/developers should then get more respect - question again is,
> how?

thats the problem, respect almost always goes to the salesman that 
promised the world and closed the sale and not the techie who has to 
deliver on the crazy promises ... only the salesman gets the commission 
even though the techie must deliver the solution before the customer 
pays and the salesman gets his commission !
>> Bottom line is "In Malaysia Techies don't get to drive BMWs and Mercs"
> That's because the cost of BMWs/Mercs are brought up higher due to
> taxation reasons; if one could get a brand new Mercedes for $50,000 
> here
> (in AUD that is), whats to stop the car from selling at RM100,000? 
> Silly
> government laws

darned right

> So, erm, yeah, be satisfied with a Perdana or something ;)

yeah, something... 10 year old volvo :) hoping to upgrade to a <5 year 
old one :)

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