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Re: [ossig] Why Learning Assembly Language Is Still a Good Idea

I have to agree that syllabus of education is at

Algorithms are what being thought/learn/develop. over
the years of development and improvement, Codes are
getting complicated. The hardware is never getting
smaller either, ever hotter too. It is consuming alot
of time to teach and learn. at times learning outdated
tech is a waste of time and of little value.

IT professional should be classified based on
specialization. So different people would do different
things to service the others. You cannot expect
everybody to be all rounded programmers, isn't?

Correct me if I am wrong. I tend to c assembly
language programming as the job of electronic
engineers to make available C/C++ compilers for the
hardware. there off, the OS and middlewares. on top of
that, programmers/developers specializing on all
sorts. I suppose there should be a mix of skills
within a rank. having more skills is of advantage. if
u dun have, jst make do with whatever u hv. U need it
to work however inefficient it is, it still works n
can be improved on later.

I did ask myself, if i got hardwares, assemble them,
no OS. boot it till it ask me something: "enter boot
disk". Now, there is where all CS/IT student should
start isn't? But how? The web no doubt contain alot of
information on programming(but there is where people
point to anyway), but it is a mess, incomplete. I do
feel there should be a core syllabus of education
published, jst as OSS, where anybody who are
interested can go and learn from end to end.

Why not we start a list of syllabus of education and
maintain the list as a core reference to begin
learning and teaching technologies. Just put it at
OOSIG page, and mirror the best reference in the world
of a particular technology. But i dun think that is
easy :) 

It took me sometime on my own to start 
$gcc -o file.cpp file.exe and $g++ -o yada yada.
So what if fedora is up. what to do next? Point is
there is no single resource which can string line for
any newcomer to start learning.

syllabus of education in for CS and internationally
supported, guiding willing learners to do development
must exist somewhere isn't?

It will be great if we have one for the world.


--- Dinesh Nair <dinesh@alphaque.com> wrote:
> On Sun, 13 Jun 2004, Poh Yang Ming wrote:
> > It will be great if there are much more resources
> pump out and shared to
> > teach the youngs one.
> what randall hyde (and i) feel are that the problem
> lies more in the
> syllabus of education. students are taught on
> relatively modern machines,
> and thus they build the perception that cpu/memory
> efficiency is not as
> important. while this may be true for the modern
> desktop/server
> architecture, it makes finding good embedded
> programmers all the more
> harder.
> look at what smbd/nmbd gobble up, and this is only
> with a single client
> mounting off the server. (i'm not saying windows
> does it any better
> either)
>   192 root       2  10  4624K  2560K select   0:00 
> 3.39%  0.88% smbd
>   187 root       2  10  4228K  2200K select   0:00 
> 0.00%  0.00% smbd
>   190 root       2  10  3296K  1992K select   0:00 
> 0.00%  0.00% nmbd
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