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Re: [ossig] Why Learning Assembly Language Is Still a Good Idea

On Jun 13, 2004, at 16:42, Dinesh Nair wrote:

> what randall hyde (and i) feel are that the problem lies more in the
> syllabus of education. students are taught on relatively modern 
> machines,
> and thus they build the perception that cpu/memory efficiency is not as
> important.

thats prolly true in general
for the case of samba I believe the tradeoff was sacrifice memory to 
get performance - hence forking instead of a new thread since the 
target platform was almost certainly Unix/Linux
In windows a thread would be the way to go since forking has a high cost

I agree with you though that programmers now spend less effort tuning 
their code, much less inserting hand coded assembly code for frequently 
used routines.
With modern pressures of feature bloat and shortening release cycles, 
debugging assembly code sounds about as fun as raking muck...
besides that all powerful -O2 option on that Optimizing compiler is 
going to automagically turn the sloppy code into fast machine code 
anyway .... :)
Also sadly  "Assembly Language Expert" on your resume prolly doesn't 
gain you much compared to  "MCSE" in most societies

Hmm, this reminds me about the great lengths I went to back in the old 
days to get performance ..
My Turbo Pascal mandelbrot generator was crawling on my 286 MSDOS 
machine and I found a way to offload the mandelbrot calculation logic 
to a C program on a conveniently available Sun Sparc 1+ machine (the 
office file server) and return the results to display on my PC :)


Tze Meng

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