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Re: [ossig] OSS from ground zero

Yes, Colin Charles I have no etiquette, how about u? So what's the deal of
you writing an email (don't even know to whom) and then to CC me, using me
as an example which sounded not like any advice but rather criticism.
Couldn't you just email me directly to tell me upfront? If you read my post,
I did mention "Trust me, if I could do better, I would. Correct me if I'm
wrong. I'm here to learn too."

Regarding getting the domain (fedoraguide.org). I've got people who
sponsored me because of my work. What do you got to say about that?

Everyone, have you all every encounter with smart people who think they are
the best and everyone must follow him/her? Oh yes, Colin Charles is an
interesting character too.

So where's the spirit of Malaysia Boleh? Btw, I'm not here to make enemy,
just too frustrated with criticisms and sarcasms. Just too much.

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> On Tue, 2004-06-15 at 17:57, tux2furious@fedoraguide.org wrote:
> > forgot the link
> > http://www.fedoraforum.org/forum/showthread.php?s=&postid=76874
> >
> > > ok! and let's see what the world has got to say!
> > >
> > > tux2furious
> And, tux2furious has no etiquette. Rock on. That said, I've posted my
> response; the vote currently says "keep it alive", but why can't you see
> the larger picture? Why not work with the Fedora Docs project? Or even
> push to the Fedora FAQ?
> You don't answer any questions, and just seem to post e-mail's verbatim.
> You lack good netiquette, but thats ok - constructive criticism doesn't
> seem to work for you, does it? In that case, I'll not bother to comment
> further (maybe you'll take nuggets of advice from others)
> Incidentally, everyone, tux2furious is an interesting character... Go
> Chua Wen Kiat!
> http://www.bytebot.net/blog/archives/2004/05/10/malaysias-making-waves
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