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Re: [ossig] [OSSIG] Proposal for the formation of an OSS IndustryAssociation

On Thu, 17 Jun 2004, Molly Cheah wrote:

> about lack of representation of individual os programmers at meetings...
> Here's the chance to form that representative body. Those who had made
> such complaints should now take the lead and attend this meeting at
> least.


if you need to insinuate, at least get your facts right. i lamented the
lack of representation of OSS developers at the national oss policy
brainstorming session, and it was valid in that context as there was no
one at that session who represented the OSS developer.

in the larger national space, mncc which represents the ICT professional
is playing that role, and the ossig under the mncc handles oss individuals
(developers or otherwise). my lament was addressed by the oss policy
secretariat and mncc (and the oss developer/individual) was then
subsequently represented (by nan phin) in the national oss steering
committee, and thus satisfied my earlier rant at the brainstorming
session, as clarified by imran in a private email to me.

so please, if you have to refer to something i said, do quote the context
in which i said it for otherwise you're liable for giving a false

it brings us back to the one thing i've been asking all along, which no
one seems to be able to answer: what is the purpose/role of this new
organization ?

as i have stated, if it is to represent individuals and/or do rah, rah
opensource type evangelism, then it's a duplication of effort as the mncc
ossig exists for that. imo, any initative to assist/help/work for OSS
individuals should be done under the banner of the mncc ossig. since the
mncc ossig already exists, i am thus not in favour of yet another
organization like this being formed. if you think that the mncc ossig is
not doing enough/the right thing for oss individuals, then by all means
let's see what we can do, but still under this banner.

if it is to be a trade federation/lobby group/aggregator for OSS
commercial entities, then i am interested/game in being involved for there
is a gap in addressing this space in malaysia.

tze meng's original post on the subject captured what i was interested in,
see http://www.mncc.com.my/ossig/lists/general/2004-06/msg00025.html

i have been going under the notion that the goals/ideas/concepts as
expressed there are still valid, and the implementation of whether it's a
coop/company/society are just implementation issues which we can
brainstorm about before coming to an optimum and equitable model.

so once again, what are we creating ?

and please, before you accuse me of not leading by example, i conceived,
lobbied and formed what was formerly known as osspip two years ago. my
solution to the funding problem was to raise venture capital, and i spent
the subequent 12 months convincing venture capitalists and the
powers-that-be that oss was worth investing in, all on my own time and

part of the plan for the osspip structure, which i have elaborated in this
list many times in the past, has been to fund open source developers, give
them equity in their own companies building their own technologies and to
provide an umbrella from which they are then able to market their
technologies to large enterprise customers, something which they're unable
to do on their own as small companies.

this goal came at a personal cost to me. to achieve this goal, i had to
resign my position as director of technology of worldcare asia pte ltd
(and worldcare malaysia sdn bhd) as well as forego a huge capital
appreciation on my equity in aforementioned companies. for the past 12
months, i have been working exclusively for the osspip goal. i have no
regrets at having done what i did, so i'm not complaining.

now, are any of you willing to commit something like that for the trade
federation/lobby group/aggregator ? if you are, then part of the funding
problem goes away.  if you aren't, then you're going to need funding to
make sure this works.


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