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Re: [ossig] Call for Participation: M'sia Open Source Software Industry Association -- ALL ARE INVITED

--- Yusseri Yusoff <yusseri@asb.com.my> wrote:

> possibly). Now, the session is to be held as so:
> Date: 19 June 2004
> Time: 10:00 -- 13:00
> Chair: Dr. Nah Soo Hoe
> Place: To be determined, tentatively at Dr. Molly's
> Place
> I am taking attendance and this email constitutes
> the final call for 

Actually, I was waiting for the 'final'
session/meeting meta-data. I should be able to make
it, count me in.
Previously everything seemed in flux. Datetime, venue,
goals etc. 

So where is "Dr.Molly's Place"?

btw. it seems to me that we have agreed to dicuss
forming a *trade* federation. Do I have the right
understanding? I have the same concerns as Dinesh
here. There really is no need for another advocacy
group. I think mncc-ossig and the older myoss are more
than enough. 

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