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[ossig] Attendee list for the brainstorming of MOSSia

As of 18:00 today, Thursday 17 June 2004, people turning up are:

1 Tan Tze-Meng
2 Nah Soo Hoe
3 Molly Cheah
4 Raja Iskandar
5 Tejinder Singh
6 Ammar Zolkipli
7 Uwe Dippel
8 Yusseri Yusoff
9 Seah Hong Yee
10 Mukhsein Johari
11 Christopher DeMarco
12 Choong Hong Cheng
13 chan chan <nenek_shark@yahoo.com> (dunno name???)
14 Imran William Smith (if he can get a lift)
15 Teoh Eng Sin
16 Jason Tan Boon Teck
17 Ahmad Arafat Abdullah

Have I missed anyone? Check please...

Eh, who'll be taking minutes, ah?

For those who have sent me email, sorry for not replying directly yet. 
Scrambling for time on other things at the moment.

Dr. Molly, I think that we'll be able to hit 20 people. So I suppose we'll 
have it at Dr. Molly's Place, yah? SS3, near the playground.


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