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Re: [ossig] Attendee list for the brainstorming of the Proposed OSSIndustry Association (was MOSSia -- but nplee thinks it might sound a bitvulgar)

My apologies but the 20th position had been filled. Closing date is 
evening of thursday. I forgot to inform Yusseri. Otherwise we need to 
find another place.


Yusseri Yusoff wrote:

>Hallo everyone,
>Temporary, self-appointed class monitor here. What's up with the weather in KL 
>this morning, eh?
>As of 14:15 today, Thursday 18 June 2004, people turning up are:
>1 Tan Tze-Meng
>2 Nah Soo Hoe
>3 Molly Cheah
>4 Raja Iskandar
>5 Tejinder Singh
>6 Ammar Zolkipli
>7 Uwe Dippel
>8 Yusseri Yusoff
>9 Seah Hong Yee
>10 Mukhsein Johari
>11 Christopher DeMarco
>12 Choong Hong Cheng
>13 Chandrika
>14 Imran William Smith (he does get a lift)
>15 Teoh Eng Sin
>16 Jason Tan Boon Teck
>17 Ahmad Arafat Abdullah
>18 Khairil Yusof
>19 Ditesh Kumar (probably drop by)
>20 Teh Kean Seong
>Have I missed anyone? Check please... Dey, you mentioned that you sent me 
>emails to say you're attending. Haven't received it yet and I don't think 
>I've got you guys tagged as spam. Resend, please.
>For those who missed the date, time, place, it's:
>Date: Saturday 19 June 2004
>Time: 10:00 -- 13:00
>Place: Dr. Molly's Place
>Address:  No: 2-B Jalan SS 3/31, 
>University Garden, 47300 PJ. (behind the Esso Station on SS 3/29)
>Map can be seen at:
>See you all there!
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