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[ossig] Goodbye....

Dear list members,

Due to the poor health of a member of my family back in UK,
I am soon returning to UK indefinitely.

I hope to remain in contact with the Malaysian open
source community, and with luck, I will work with you
all again in future. Since I also have family in Malaysia
now, I'm sure to be back.

My last day of work at MIMOS is 5 July, however I am on
leave in Sabah from tomorrow (22nd June) until 2nd July,
returning on 5th July to tidy up for 1 last day.

I wish everyone on this list, and in the Malaysian open
source community the best of luck, both individually and
in your collective efforts.  Thank you for all you
have taught me.


For other contacts in MIMOS, see

To contact me in future, see

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