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Re: [ossig] Some Linux spam...


I called, and it is next thursday, it is supposedly free and you need to 

so who we have here?

1. Myself
2. Dinesh
3. Ow Mun Heng

Come-on, we need more......

On Monday 21 June 2004 1:57 pm, Colin Charles wrote:
> So, some Linux spam made it into my inbox
> Seems Help Institute is running a programme from 8.30am -> 12.30pm on
> the 1st of July at their auditorium, in Pusat Damansara. Topics are:
> 1.            Linux is cheap �� Or is it?
> 2.            Linux is not prone to virus attacks �� Or is it?
> 3.            Linux is More Secure �� Or is it?
> 4.            Linux is More Reliable �� Or is it?
> 5.            Linux has better performance �� Or does it?
> ��..Are the Above True?
> ��..Are there things they didn�� tell me?
> ��..Are there dangers and pitfalls I should watch out for?
> Target audience is IT Managers, CIOs, CTOs, Sysadmins, Developers, IT
> Professionals
> Harass a Nales at 03-7877-0877
> Seems to be sponsored by Microsoft (ironic, a Linux mailer goes out, and
> I see a MS logo)
> If this is one of those shitty MS events, I'd encourage you to go, and
> give folks a tough time. Possibly
> http://www.bytebot.net/blog/archives/2004/06/19/switch might be some
> useful reading
> On other notes, why did I end up on delteq.biz's spam lists? Grr...

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