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[ossig] Looks like M$ is feeling the heat here as well :-)

Normally I don't include the whole article in my posts
but this one is short...so what the hell.



Microsoft plans beginning version of Windows for Asian


REDMOND, Washington: Microsoft Corp. plans to offer a
version of its Windows operating system geared toward
beginning computer users in Thailand and Malaysia
starting this September.

The offering, dubbed Windows XP Starter Edition, will
be part of government-sponsored programs aimed at
providing more affordable personal computers in those

The system won't have all the functions of Windows XP
offered in the United States, but it will have new
features tailored to first-time users, Microsoft
spokeswoman Heidi Reys said.

She said the starter edition will have many of the
typical Windows features, such as Internet Explorer
and Windows Media Player, but the company would not
provide details of what the system will lack.

Microsoft has previously offered steep discounts on
its existing Windows system, without English-language
support, as part of the same government programs. That
was an interim offering until the new, more tailored
products could be developed, spokeswoman Alex Mercer

The efforts come as Microsoft faces increasing
competition from cheaper rivals -- such as those based
on "open source'' Linux technology -- in developing
markets. -AP

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