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Re: [ossig] Open source Family Practice management

Thanks Mukhsein,

Here are the links to many other open source healthcare applications. We 
can customise some of them for the local healthcare industry.

Don't forget to visit my PrimaCare demo at my web-site at 

Open Source Healthcare Resources

Linux Medical News



Mukhsein Johari wrote:

>Hey guys,
>Found something that might or might not be interesting
>to the likes of Dr.Molly:
>Clinical Medical Records. Mostly in Tcl/Tk. Some
>C,C++, PYTHON, PERL. For Family Physicians,
>Pediatricians, Internists or Primary Care. Used in a 4
>doctor group for 5 years. Network enabled. Tk GUI and
>web browser based interfaces. HCFA1500 claim form.
>Tkfp version 56 for Linux is on SourceForge.net. This
>includes all the patches to version 55 plus all the
>remaining data sharing over a network set up that was
>dependent on NFS has now been moved over to use the
>Tkfp databaseserver program. This should allow you to
>network Tkfp clients to any Tkfp databaseserver. Using
>SSH to create a VPN connection with port forwarding
>works great.
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