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Re: [ossig] Open Source as a Weapon

On Mon, 28 Jun 2004, Tze-Meng Tan wrote:

> licence so they can reel it back in later) in an attempt to make most
> other solutions irrelevant knowing they have enough money to ride out
> these few years They may well succeed in killing off a few competitors

microsoft is a listed company. before long, if they follow the above plan
of action, there'll be vastly reduced revenue and a negative growth rate.
their stockholders and wall street will trigger a sell off of their stock,
especially those who bought at the higher prices. this will even affect
their employees, most of whom will see 401k plans and stock options start
to disappear. end result: the deevolution of microsoft.

side effect: the massive drop in microsoft stock price may devalue other
technology stocks on the nyse, ase and nasdaq, not to mention technology
linked indices like kospi, sesdaq and our local mesdaq.

they need a major cash cow/revenue stream and then do the above in
stealth, sort of like how they bought over gupta and then in stealth hit
back with mssql server.

> anyway, heard a rumour that M$ is working on a "Windows" similar in
> concept to Apple's Mac OS X Take an OSS platform and built a product
> around it, look and feel like Windows, Unix underneath with Windows APIs

they'd lose their valuable ISV community, all of whom have bet their
bottom dollar on the Win32 APIs. without the vibrant windows ISVs, they'd
be in the same boat OSS is in now, the lack of a vibrant consumer ISV
community. could you imagine The Great Recompile of all windows apps, even
assuming under the best case scenario, they maintain function namespaces ?

see joel on software's take on the importance of their API at

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