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Re: [ossig] MOSIG list kinda quiet

On Jun 28, 2004, at 22:41, Seah Hong Yee wrote:
> The working group met last Thursday, 5 out of 7 showed up.  We iron 
> out quite
> a few things and fine tune a few stuff. We will meet again soon and 
> the draft
> will be going to a law prof. for review.

WHOA, stop .... shouldn't the document be put up as an RFC to the MOSIG 
mail list before it is sent for formal review? This means only 5 people 
have inputs to the document - 15 people who were at the first meeting 
haven't seen the document including myself plus 100s of others who may 
be interested.

Please, at this time, where no one has paid up yet, the process should 
be open to the public or on the open MOSIG mailing list at 
least...interested parties can subscribe to the MOSIG list. Get more 
inputs first, then send it to the Law Prof to review, otherwise you 
will have many iterations....don't abuse our resources

> By the way, I will register you for the Linux thingy at help next 
> thursday,
> you sure you want to use your company name, or I just make one up for 
> you ?

cancel that, something urgent has come up, I don't have the time to 
attend, thanks anyway


Tze Meng

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