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[ossig] OT: An Open Letter to TMnet

Hi ossig friends,

I apologise for this Off topic post,  I just gotta have a "bitch" !


> ============================================================
> An open letter to TMnet
> Dear TMnet,
> I understand you are a busy broadband provider with abundant customers. 
> As ONE of your abundant customer, I would like to know how much longer
> you will need to fix my streamyx connection problem.  It's been nine
> days, 18 phone conversations (no, I haven't fallen in love with one of
> your helpdesk technicians) and I am still "streamyx-LESS".
> I appreciate your effort assigning me a technician (took only a few
> days) and advising me to keep calling the technician as you believe you
> nolonger own the problem once a technician has been assigned.  I hope
> you will understand if in the future, I were to ask to you to keep
> calling my banker when my payment is late. ( You see, I have "assigned"
> my tmnet bill payment to the bank ).
> I am also very sorry to hear you are having problems with your helpdesk
> supervisors.  You see, I have asked on many occasions for the help of a
> supervisor, but none have been available over the last 9 days.  Even the
> one who was suppose to call me has mysteriously disappeared !  Good
> supervisors are indeed hard to find these days.
> I hope you won't mind as I may start recording our phone conversations. 
> I have to find something to occupy my time now that I have no access to
> the internet.  I believe the recordings will be educational and
> entertaining and is something that TMnet can contribute to the
> internet world.
> Finally, I am really looking forward to you resolving my streamyx
> connection problem as your helpdesk has kindly advised me that the only
> way I could lodge a complain is to send an email to abuse@tm.net.my
> Your patient customer
> teohes
> Bukit Damansara

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