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[ossig] News: Industry lauds 'buy local' move.

article in the star intech. interesting because oss can jump-start the
local ict industry at the supply side.

Industry lauds 'buy local' move

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced on Saturday that the
public sector and government-linked companies (GLCs) would be encouraged
“to adopt policies to support the local ICT industry.” 

Speaking at the launch of the Multimedia Super Corridor’s so-called
“next leap,” Abdullah said the move “could include, but certainly (will)
not be limited to ... procurement whereby companies could specify a
certain percentage of ICT products and services be locally-sourced.” 

Later, he said that while the Government was already doing its bit to
procure local products and services, “we will do more to lend
recognition” to such items.

full text of the article is at

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