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Re: [mosig] Re: [ossig] MOSIG: Formation of Company - Inaugural Meeting 17th July 2004

On Tue, Jul 13, 2004 at 01:11:32PM +0800, Molly Cheah wrote:

> represent today. I hope no-one will use the document to form Mossia2
> while we are in the process of forming MOSSIA

Well, so  what if they do?   As  I see it, the   success or failure of
!MOSSIA is  dependent on the hard  work of its  members !MOSSIA is not
something that can be "stolen".   If Imran buggered  off to the UK  to
form his    own  invasion !MOSSIA2  then sure    he can  duplicate the
!MOSSIA.orig structure and legal  organization, but the  people inside
won't be the  same.  It'll muddy   the waters if  people keep spawning
Yet.Another.!Mossia  but keeping  the  organization proceedings secret
won't prevent that, only delay it.

As for working structure, I'm very much in favor  of an IETF-type list
process.   I'm   exceedingly unlikely to be   able  to  make  any more
face-to-face meetings,  and  I'm off  to  the States  in  the next few
years, but I would like to maintain business ties to all of y'all.

Another advantage to list-based work is that it's self-documenting.

~ You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike.

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