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[ossig] Re: [mosig] Venue, Time and Agenda - MOSIG Meeting 17th July 2004

Raja Iskandar Shah wrote:

>Proposed venue and time:
>My office at : No. 15-1, Jalan 3/27D, Seksyen 6, Wangsa Maju, 53300
>Kuala Lumpur. Within the vicinity of Carrefour Wangsa Maju. Will provide
>map later to be posted on the mosig site.
>Time: 17 July 2004
>10 am (just like the last meeting) or 
>5 pm (if it is later in the afternoon, it will avoid the Saturday noon
>jam - also i can at least clear up my meeting room and scrub the
>whiteboard that someone used a permanent marker on)
>Teh Tarik session after the meeting
>1. to review the minutes from the last meeting
>2. to review and discuss on the draft Shareholders' Agreement
>3. to discuss on possible business opportunities / plans
4. to agree on possible name of company
5. to discuss timeframe for incorporation of a RM2 company

>1. Raja Iskandar Shah
>2. Seah Hong Yee
>3. Low Peng Chiew (only if it is not in the morning)
4. Dr Molly Cheah (prefers 5pm)

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