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Re: [ossig] Venue, Time and Agenda - MOSIG Meeting 17th July 2004

On Jul 14, 2004, at 13:37, Molly Cheah wrote:
> Besides most had been covered and agreed upon during the brainstorming 
> session and also during discussions on the ossig list.

I don't see how an 18 page document can come out of the one 
brainstorming session what what come out on the list

> Sure we may want to accommodate the views of those who didn't attend 
> the 1st meeting and we may want to continue to accommodate the views 
> of those who came the 1st time but couldn't make it the second time 
> (the date of this meeting was made during the 1st meeting and there 
> were no objections to the date then) and for that matter we may also 
> want to accommodate the views of those who do not attend both meetings 
> but are "interested" to be involved.

yes, the only way to do this is to make the document available to any 
interested party...no ?
>> This document is very detailed and contain information that in a 
>> business strategy you don't want certain others to know?

I cannot understand what it is in this document that we don't want 
others to know ...besides Microsoft anyway, but how do we get people 
interested in what we are doing if they cannot see what we are doing ?

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