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Re: Re: [mosig] [ossig] MOSIG: Formation of Company - Inaugural Meeting 17th July 2004

> That's true because the document I provided is some other people's 
> legal
> document. I didn't realise the implications of making that offer. I
> offered it in good faith to help out the process of the formation of
> MOSSIA and MOSSIA only. I didn't expect that the Open Source 
> Community
> think that it should be their right to have it and also expect the
> document to be distributed to anyone as if it is a GPL document.

what exactly about this document that is proprietary?  i'm asking
about the meta aspect, NOT the contents.

> I guess I do have problems trying to gauge who I am discussing 
> business
> processes with names like BIGrat, not knowing who she? he?  or it?

Rats are generally classified as "it"  especially B I G ones...  ;)

> is.... :) No offence 

none taken. :)

> as I am in the medical field and anything is
> possible.. 

even a cure for the common cold??!!?  ;)

let's ALL lighten up a bit and take a step back to view the whole activity
from a "helicopter" view.  

1. we all want to collaborate and get some money... (rather lots of it) ;)
2. to achieve that which issue should we address first?
    2.1. the infrastructure in which we operate/collaborate; or
    2.2 the biz model (as noted by dinesh)
3. To address Molly's issue; what would be the worst possible impact if
the document was released to the OSSIG... and to unknown parties whose
interest is to see the failure of OSS businesses.

i'm sure there are some out there who will have more pertinent questions.

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