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Re: [ossig] Open source software that does not follow open standards?

On Tue, 3 Aug 2004, Christopher DeMarco wrote:

> Wouldn't the vendor only have to make libfrobozz available under the
> GPL, and everything else can be licensed any which way?  I thought that
> the LGPL specifically allows non-GPL apps to link with GPL'd functions?

if it's the LGPL, then it does border on being doable, however the GPL
would require that the vendor would have to GPL his (the vendor's) code as
well. also, this is an optimistic case where the functionality to
manipulate the data format/implement the protocol is in a separate
library. what if it was in the main body of the software which was covered
under the GPL ?

anyways, i'm not rehashing the GPL vs BSD vs EveryOtherLicense wars, but
rather pointing out that if we were to defend an OSS position, we should
be wary of the arrows that could be thrown our way as well. the very
argument i provided in the preceeding email could be constrained as being
anti-proprietary, which may/could be used by others to stall the MAMPU OSS

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