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Re: [ossig] Proposed voting mechanism

On Tue, 3 Aug 2004, Christopher DeMarco wrote:

> How many will be on the committee?  How will votes be tallied - the n
> candidates receiving the most votes?  Does each voter vote for the
> complete committee?  Will write-in candidates be allowed during the
> vote?

the number of votes per candidate will be tallied. voters need not vote
the entire committee, they could just vote specific candidates in specific
postions and leave the rest blank if they choose. eventual winners will be
based on highest number of votes garnered in a particular position.

> Should the votes be sent to a third-party list?  If I'm particularly
> bitter about losing to Uwe, I could claim that Khairil doctored the list
> archives.  Can we set up a sourceforge or yahoo list for voting?

the votes will be sent to the public list. if khairil/anyone is doctoring
the votes ala man-in-the-middle, the voter will be able to discern the
difference between what he voted and what appeared on the list quite
easily. so will everyone else since we all can keep archives of the votes
as they come in.

since it is all done above the board, even if there is a tech error which
prevented a vote from appearing back on the list, this could be easily
caught early on.

the votetaker will only tally votes which are sent to the public list and
not to personal email.  as such, multiple other votetakers could also do
the same to audit the votes cast. the announement of the election results
will then be a mere formality.

the proposed mechanism is actualy a more public (hence, transparent)
variation of the Usenet Voting Mechanism. see

i've cc'ed replies into the MOSIG list, as per seah's email.

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