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[ossig] FC2 (2.6.x) and ide-scsi!?

Hi all... it's real nice that Linus excommunicated the ide-scsi driver
and  all, but while  the high priests  assure[1] us  that cdrecord has
indeed been patched  and we don't  need ide-scsi anymore... what about
the myriad OTHER  devices that use  the Evil Satanic Apostate ide-scsi

I'm trying to attach  a USB HDD  to my 2.6.x   FC2 box, but RH  in its
infinite wisdom hasn't compiled the   ide-scsi module.  I've  verified
that in a 2.4.x  Knoppix boot (same  hardware) the drive works happily
with ide-scsi.  I don't have time to compile the  module at the moment
so I'll  just slurp the data using  Knoppix - but  what's the official
solution now   to using these  formerly-ide-scsi devices  now that its
"obvious" module is deprecated?!

[1]   http://programming.linux.com/article.pl?sid=03/12/09/1341236

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