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[ossig] M$ changing its tune on linux?


I don't see any change in tune at all. It's just that
their previous tack isn't working so now they're
trying another tack.

But their stupid claims are still just as stupid:

Windows group chief James Allchin accuses Linux of
being a cheap knockoff: "There's no innovation. Linux
is still in the business of cloning existing

OK. How many processors does XP support? Linux 2.6.x?
Long filenames in ntfs is a joke (don't even raise
fat!) Try this: name a file in XP that has an absolute
(counting from C:\My Documents\etc...) length of more
than 256 chars. On linux (reiserfs - try on ext2 and
ext3) the filename itself cannot be longer than 256
chars - but its absolute path can. Btw...when did unix
get long filenames? And when did windows?

And how about this:

Allchin points to new features in the version of
Windows due in 2007 that will allow users to remotely
turn PCs on or off, with programs still running.
Searches will extend across all data like e-mail,
photos, Word. "We're creating things," he says.

Hmm...you mean like:

$ ssh -l mukhsein my.remote.server
$ su -c "shutdown -h now"

As for turning on...enable Wake-on-LAN and ping the

As for searching across all files...you mean like

And that would be available in *Microsoft* OS in
Wow, if they don't stop innovating soon they might run
out of innovations!

These microsofties are really talking out of their
stinky bums (if you'll pardon my french). I'm really
sick of it!

Sorry for the rant. I don't have a blog :-P
Seriously though, I think M$ is starting to show some
desperation. If they think M$ stock is taking a
beating, wait till SCO's case is thrown out...

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