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[ossig] Job Opportunities - ERP application

Hi guys,

There is an immediate opportunity to work on an ERP application, developed
for the plantation industry. The software has been developed and requires
customisation within an 8-week timeframe. It is being moved by an MSC-status

The project-owner is looking to fill the following roles immediately, on
contract for 8-weeks. They are open to offering a permanent position upon
completion of the contract:

1) Project Manager, preferably with at least 5 years of experience
2) Software programmers (Java), preferably with at least 3 years of

FYI, brief specs of the ERP application:
- Linux 
- PostgreSQL
- Apache Tomcat

Familiarity with the above and real-world experience is all that is

Kindly email your CV's to:
- Mr. S.N. Rajan
- snrajan@rancast.com

All enquiries can be directed to the email above.

Best regards,

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