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Re: [ossig] Enterprise Linux: UserLinux, Debian

On Aug 19, 2004, at 5:01 PM, Kenneth Wong wrote:

> On Thu, 19 Aug 2004 09:29:10 +0800, Seah Hong Yee
> <hongyee@polyscientific.com.my> wrote:
>> I am not sure why people don't choose fedora out right but I suspect 
>> lack of
>> good package management and updating ( no, I don't think up2date is 
>> that good
>> when compare to apt).
> As I just mentioned to Uwe, use Yum on the fedora series. Or even
> install apt-get on fedora. Works quite well if you point to the right
> repositories and I believe (Colin will correct me if I'm wrong) that
> you upgrade to new cores through Yum as well.

Yum is a recent thing,IIRC, starting FC1. I admit I have not tried it. 
Kind of interesting that it is actually from Yellowdog.

>> Nobody really run "stable" debian.
> *Glances at the servers he's set up or forced other people to set up*.
> Speak for yourself. For people who want 24/7 reliability and don't
> need all the new whizbang functionality, stable is a very nice
> distribution.

Err.... I thought the origin of this thread is about desktop.  Sure you 
may have a 24 X 7 desktop, just have to content with KDE 2.2 do without 
Kontact that happens to intergrate with kolab. When I mean 
"non-stable", I also means back port etc...

I would agree debian stable is great for server. However, don't we 
normally  customize our server a little and run things that are not out 
of the stable branch? ( pardon the ignorance here) And these days, 
thanks to commodity hardware, don't we usually run 1 major service 1 
server?  I mean don't you want to run samba 3.0 with openldap 2.1 
instead of what is shipped with woody.  My point is server don't need 
any of those bleeding edge stuff but you still want to run a few thing 
that are not vanilla debian.

>> Here's another tip, the easiest
>> way to install debian is boot off knoppix and install debian from 
>> there.
> One minor problem - it installs some knoppix specific packages, so
> you're stuck relying on knoppix for upgrades of those packages. Either
> that or you have to manually pull out all the knoppix packages and
> replace them with debian packages. Was a real pain when I went through
> that.
> Install from the debian sarge disk. It's relatively new (so you won't
> be stuck with kernel 2.2 and ext2fs) but not bleeding edge like
> unstable.
> Ken
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