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Re: [ossig] Enterprise Linux: UserLinux, Debian

On 20 Aug 2004 at 11:45, Colin Charles wrote:

> That also means more support companies get to survive, which IMHO, is a
> good thing

Sure it can be a good thing.  Reason I brought up the issue is that the 
thread was discussing how does one decide which Linux distro is suitable 
for what purposes.  This I feel is useful to assist the people concerned 
in recommending the suitable desktop or platform.

> The freedom to choose, rather than having a policy, also provides
> against vendor lock-in (we already hate that with the Redmond company).
> Why should the government allow procurement of only SuSE Linux, and give
> Novell all contracts for the next 5 years, when they could allow freedom
> so folk can use FreeBSD or RHEL?

Possibly the policy may be not to specify one OS or OS version but instead 
have a policy, say on desktops, specifying what features/functionalities 
should be there.  

I think discussions like these are useful to the govt's OSS efforts and 
implementation plans.  I hope that they will engage the community more.

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