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Re: [ossig] Enterprise Linux: UserLinux, Debian

On Thu, Aug 19, 2004 at 10:31:30PM +0800, Uwe Dippel wrote:

> That was another breakage: there was no MP3 from anywhere close to 
> RedHat (so no 'non-free').  Though I fully understood the motives for 
> those changes, they were kind of hidden. You update, stuff breaks, and 
> there's no way back. That was the moment - very personally - to fdisk 
> all those machines.

I almost defended you against Colin a few  posts back by slinging more
mud - the  dreaded dual-boot XP  bug, the current problems with losing
/dev/pts in the 2.6.7 kernel series -  but I refrained because many of
those aren't technically  RH bugs  and anyway  no  distro is bug-free.
But you just highlighted what  I *do* fault RH  for: as they're trying
very  hard to become the  best-of-breed [GNU]Linux distro these things
need to be CAUGHT and if they can't be fixed then at least the Release
Notes need to mention them.

Breaking backwards compatibility  by removing Metacity might have been
GNOME's fault but if RH really wanted to be King of the Hill it should
have told   us about it.  It's  the  same issue,  in  my mind, as when
NetMyne takes  down core switches    for maintenance - if  you're  not
providing  100% uptime  I can  accept  that but  you  have  to TELL ME
BEFOREHAND before you  take shit down.  If you  find a bug I'll  treat
you far more charitably if you come clean  about it and warn me before
I get bitten.

> That was during the Install-Feast in APIIT, when we tried in vain to
> get  a laptop running X. There's  someone on this list who witnessed
> me  digging deep in my  toolbox;  stuff like xf86config, xf86cfg and
> what else XFree86 offers - except  on that install. And the built-in
> utility died


This was also the event, IIRC, where half of  APIIT showed up thinking
it was  a mandatory  lecture session  and  carefully copied  your UN*X
family tree from the chalkboard ;)

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