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Re: [ossig] Enterprise Linux: UserLinux, Debian

Christopher DeMarco wrote:

> But you just highlighted what  I *do* fault RH  for: as they're trying
> very  hard to become the  best-of-breed [GNU]Linux distro these things
> need to be CAUGHT and if they can't be fixed then at least the Release
> Notes need to mention them.
> Breaking backwards compatibility  by removing Metacity

almost. Removed had been sawfish and replaced by metacity. Crippled to 
the bones. Later, after a lot of fuss, sawfish came back.

> might have been
> GNOME's fault but if RH really wanted to be King of the Hill it should
> have told   us about it.  It's  the  same issue,  in  my mind, as when
> NetMyne takes  down core switches    for maintenance - if  you're  not
> providing  100% uptime  I can  accept  that but  you  have  to TELL ME
> BEFOREHAND before you  take shit down.  If you  find a bug I'll  treat
> you far more charitably if you come clean  about it and warn me before
> I get bitten.

Too lazy to check, if the Release Notes did not eventually mention 
somewhere that this or that 'should be reviewed' or so.

>>That was during the Install-Feast in APIIT, when we tried in vain to
>>get  a laptop running X. There's  someone on this list who witnessed
>>me  digging deep in my  toolbox;  stuff like xf86config, xf86cfg and
>>what else XFree86 offers - except  on that install. And the built-in
>>utility died

> This was also the event, IIRC, where half of  APIIT showed up thinking
> it was  a mandatory  lecture session  and  carefully copied  your UN*X
> family tree from the chalkboard ;)

No, that was another one; a later one; early this year. That BSD-tree 
was March last year (time flies by !).


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