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Re: [ossig] Enterprise Linux: UserLinux, Debian

On 20/08/2004 14:01 Yusseri Yusoff said the following:
> It is silent with regards to distros. In the short term phase, no 
> real push is being made, on the part of MAMPU, for an OSS OS on the 
> desktop. It would be a

and can we assume that it'll remain that way ? as colin's email stated,
a much better policy would be to adopt standardization based on
specifications instead of distro/OS specific specifications.

i'm understandably pessimistic about this because my involvement with
the MSC Flagship Blueprints taught me that vendors *will* use
biased-specifications to push their offerings as a standard. and this is
not confined to that little company in redmond either. the folks from
armonk and mountain view are just as guilty.

for example, will the implementation plan specify "Linux" or "Open
Source Operating System" ? using the former preempts the use of *BSD,
which is just as open source as linux is.

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