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Re: [ossig] Software Freedom Day - August 28th

Khairil Yusof wrote:

>Anybody who wants to help please contact me, or post to this thread.
>Most important one right now is getting the venue decided.
Just an update.

IOSN is going to foot the bill for the floor space at KL Sentral. The 
exec. was on holiday, so I'll try get it confirmed (KL Sentral side) on 

For volunteers, I think one thing we might need are people who have and 
can help bring mobile display board type things.  Though if Semesa 
Sentral (the guys who manage it) have some available free/rent, IOSN 
will take care of the rent.

So now the ideas. :) For CD's Sunil came up with an idea to get back the 
costs of the CDs.

Sign: Proprietary     Cost:  Windows + MS Office + Photoshop = RM3000
Sign: Pirated            Cost: Windows + MS Office + Photoshop = RM15
                                            (viruses, bad cd, RM10000 
BSA fine)
Sign: Open Source   Cost: RM1 :)

Khairil Yusof
IOSN IT Consultant, UNDP-APDIP, Malaysia 
DID: +603 2091 5183 Fax: +603 2093 9740 
International Open Source Network: http://www.iosn.net 
UNDP Asia Pacific Development Information Programme 

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