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Re: [ossig] What's your take on this.

i think the main issue that the ministry has is with piracy activities -
not so much on proprietary / open source. the things that the ministry
will look at is:

1. redistribution without license from the original author (oss allows
redistribution, so we are ok with that).

2. replication and distribution of cd without license. there are laws
governing the business of manufacturing and replication of cd. that's
why they have the 'ori' labels. so that they can track the producers.

3. distribution of a 'controlled item' without proper disclosure. again
very easy, just get a standard letter saying that the local company can
distribute from the author. actually, this will be more time consuming
rather than anything else - the fact that a distro has 100s of
components. actually, this will be tricky with software developed with
m$ tools as well - which usually needs to distribute with m$ proprietary
libraries, but i don't see much disclosure on that.

ciplak of a red hat enterprise cd is still wrong - firstly
misrepresenting a commercial business, and secondly unauthorised use of
business trade marks (red hat). as more oss becomes commercial (not
proprietary), these two issues will become more prevalent.

when star office 5.1 came out, there was an official channel for a
company / person to become an authorised distributor. there were no
royalties or licensing cost - just paperwork.

these are the things that the proposed mosig is supposed to look out
for: representing the commercial interest of the oss community.

Raja Iskandar Shah

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