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Re: [ossig] What's your take on this.

On 29/08/2004 07:11 Simos Xenitellis said the following:
> According to "Switching to Lineox Enterprise Linux Update Service from
> Red Hat Network"
> http://www.lineox.com/rhel2lel.php, "the GPL is specifically concerned
> with the source code from which the binaries are built, however Red
> Hat's EULA has more specific information concerning the distribution of
> the binaries."
> Furthermore, the RHEL3 EULA states that "with the exception of certain
> image files identified in Section 2 below, the license terms for the
> components permit Customer to copy, modify, and redistribute the
> component, in both source code and **binary code** forms" (emphasis
> mine).

ok, i got you. the RHEL3 EULA bars redistribution and commercial usage 
of the redhat and shadowman trademarks and branding, but not the 
binaries and source (as both of these are GPLed). the image files in 
mentioned are of these logos. coming back to charles' questions, the 
ministry then does have a case against the pirates for trademark 
violation. but then trademark violation is a civil offence and not a 
criminal offence, so redhat inc would need to prosecute as the wronged 

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