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RE: [ossig] Java in OSS


If you put aside the question of Java being open source itself (it's messy
and rather confusing especially if you're not familiar with Java's scene -
http://www.theserverside.com/news/thread.tss?thread_id=27059), I'm quite
happy to say that Java based open source software is quite a big thing.

Apart from those links provided by Khairil, SourceForge has a fountry
dedicated to Java based software - http://java.foundries.sourceforge.net/.

Other than end-user software, a considerable amount of open source Java
projects are libraries, frameworks, etc...

Being one of the fastest growing language/platform today, Java is usually
the enabling technology behind most of the IT/tech developments today... And
because of that, the growth of OS Java apps are growing at similar rate...
Nowadays, you can probably get an open source Java implementation for most
applications... Examples below...

Winamp - http://www.javazoom.net/jlgui/jlgui.html (I think you can launch
this program via your browser - web start)
Email Server - http://james.apache.org/
Make in Java called Ant (platform independent) - http://ant.apache.org/
Web app. load testing s/w - http://jakarta.apache.org/jmeter/


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> > Just browsing along and something sparked me to ask this. There are 
> > many development environment for open source software 
> (OSS). Is there 
> > any negative or positive note on Java being used for OSS? I'd 
> > appreciate your 5cents and URLs.
> Actually OSS and Java is quite big see:
> http://jakarta.apache.org (BSD like license) 
> http://www.netbeans.org (IDE from Sun) http://www.eclipse.org 
> (IDE from IBM)
> The main issue with OSS advocates licensing of Java, which 
> poses a lot of questions as to how free it will be in future 
> under the control of Sun. This has been debated everywhere 
> the past few months, and a quick google should give some hits.
> There is effort by RH also to get gcj to compile to native 
> code Java programs. http://sources.redhat.com/rhug/index.html.
> Java is not my cup of tea, but there is a mature OSS 
> development community behind it as well as large corporate backing.
> Having said all that, consider python :)
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