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Re: Installfests (WAS: Re: [ossig] FOSS Meet)

Seah Hong Yee wrote:
> OK, Syllable boot from promt to login screen in 15 seconds, would you switch ?

Syllable ? What ? I'd go for DOS; less than 5 seconds from power-on to
... command-prompt. (Have to measure the time to W3.1 autostart, though,
and guess it won't be much more - shall I migrate to W3.11 ??)

A lot depends on the hardware. My main experiences here go on average
stuff: Duron 800/256, PIII-866/256, Centrino1.4/256.
Loading the kernel 2.4 or 2.6 alone takes longer than XP to prompt. And
now I *bet* everyone who doesn't know me will *bet* I was a Micro$oftie !


who concedes that his boot-up-times on XP are extremely fast because
(his) XP is usually very basic. When you throw in more programs it gets
considerably slower.
Try it out as well: install from scratch on a good partition and the
first boot will be very fast (the second, to be precise).

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