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[ossig] "Did Microsoft use pirate software for Windows XP?"

translated from babelfish.com



Does Microsoft use pirat copies for Windows XP?

The audio files of the Windows XP route were apparent provided with a
robbery-copied version of the software SoundForge 4,5. If one examines
the file in an Hex editor, the clear signature of the Crackers
Deepz0ne shows up.

The questionable files lie in the listing
"Windows\Help\Tour\WindowsMediaPlayer\Audio\Wav". Those altogether
nine WAV files serve the Untermalung of the Windows Media Player
route. If one opens the files instead of with an audio's application
with an editor, then one recognizes the signature "LISTB bythe end
INFOICRD 2000-04-06 IENG Deepz0ne ISFT sound Forge 4,5".

	  Suspiciously: If one opens a sound file with an Hex editor, then a
passage in the text with the reference to the Cracker Deepz0ne is at
the end of the file.

SoundForge is a program for the production of WAV -, MP3 -, AIFF and
other music formats. The manufacturer Sonic belonged meanwhile to
Sony, the program costs 400 US dollar. However the name makes
"Deepz0ne" stutzig. A search in the InterNet shows that Deepz0ne was
or is member of the Warez group radium. This group specialized in
music software. In an interview with a member of the group of radiums
he is mentioned as one the founder. Also a version of the Soundforge
software emerges.

	  MP3-Crack: In the info file to the Radium-MP3-Codec likewise the
name of the Crackers Deepz0ne emerges.

Was noticeable the group, when it cracked the Fraunhofer-MP3-Codec and
improved the Encodierungsfunktion. Deepz0ne is indicated also at that
time as a member of the Cracker group. Now the suspicion forces itself
upon that for the production of the WAV files illegal software was
used. Whether this happened however at Microsoft or an external
coworker used the software, only the responsible person for the
Windows Media Player can answer.

With the fact it is delicate that Microsoft was written as a member of
the Business software Alliance (BSA) the fight against software
Piraterie on the flags. So far there is neither from Microsoft nor
from Sony a statement to the incident. (Panagiotis Kolokythas/mja)

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