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Re: [ossig] how true is this?

> Now we see who  this advertisement is targetting  -  the lazy and  the
> stupid.  

Well, that's Microsoft's target market (*ducks*). I would add one more
: lazy, stupid and CHEAPSKATE!

Typically with open source you have choices:

1. Work it out yourself, DIY. Everything is free, or available at
minimum cost. Excellent option for poor starving students.

2. Pay for premium support. You have a choice Redhat, Novell/SuSE, IBM
etc. They do enterprise customer support. There are probably smaller
companies too that do Linux support which are cheaper than the big
boys. This is an option for businesses.

Do it yourself or pay someone do it for you. That's how it goes with
anything. Now the STINGY folks will EXPECT things to be "free",
constantly bitching about how Redhat/SuSE/IBM/Novell is "expensive".
Now if you're a cheapskate, you do it yourself. If you're too
stupid/lazy, then who do you want to blame?

It's not like Microsoft is cheap either. And you don't even have the
"free DIY" option. Microsoft will always point out "Distro X or Vendor
Y is more expensive than Windows", and they'd like you to forget
there's more to Linux than just Distro X and Vendor Y.

-= Nur Hussein =-

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