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Re: [ossig] Software Patent and What Do We Do?

> I have heard two contradictory arguments regarding the relative lack of
> a strict IP regime in Malaysia/lax enforcement of what laws there are.
> One argument is that this supports OS, because the money for courts,
> law-writing, lawyers, etc., that goes along with the strict IP needed
> for proprietary software can be spent on other things (education).  The
> other argument is that easy availability of pirated MS software
> undercuts the argument that OS is cheaper.

I think reputable businesses and organisations are jittery over any
kind of enforcement of such things, so cost is always a consideration
for them as they would probably like to stay legit.

Home users is another matter - even if proprietary stuff is more
expensive and no pirated version were available, Microsoft still has
that stranglehold over operating system infrastructure - the average
layman is going to buy a pre-built computer with Windows pre-installed
for "free" (the cost is included with the price tag of the computer).
Windows has support for a wide variety of games (the young ones are
going to want to play), and more widespread driver support for all
those gadgets home users like to buy (Windows is always going to be
supported more).

The situation regarding hardware vendors, driver support and open
source operating systems in Malaysia is that in Penang at least, it's
hard to get hardware you want. They sell only what they want to sell,
not what you want to buy. I have a policy of buying only hardware
brands that is supported by Linux, but I get a hard time from hardware
salesmen for being picky about my choices (some salesmen are even
downright hostile when I ask for something they don't want to sell).
Sometimes I just have to settle for what is affordable and sold in
Penang, even if it doesn't have Linux support. Such is life. The
average Joe isn't going to through this hassle just to run Linux. So,
Windows will continue to be dominant.

-= Nur Hussein =-

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