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Re: [ossig] Millinux and Microsoft

On 18/03/2005 13:46 Ditesh said the following:
> * if they are making changes to GPL licensed software and selling it to 
> their client, they are legally obliged to distribute their "IP assets" 
> if any of their clients request for it. The option of asking people to 
> "buy their IP assets" does not arise. Millinux based their business 

they're not. they're using stock RH, iianm. the "IP" they're referring to 
is the administration UI (somewhat like webmin) which they've built to 
configure their boxen. i really can't say more, but anyone using it could 
easily grok the complexity (or lack thereof, and thus the value) of said "IP".

> /me shakes his head in disgust.

retaliation on this one is trivial. :)

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