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Re: [ossig] Government sector standardize on SuSE Linux?

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Hi all,

This is to update my own question about the subject above.

I have talked to KOMNAS (DRB-Hicom) team and understood from them that
there isn't any particular choice for which distro. The selection of
SuSE Linux is due to persistent supports and offers from Novel.

In fact, we need to praise KOMNAS team for they had been rejecting the
temptation of Microsoft Malaysia's offer to choose Windows in the first

Also there isn't any guideline or policy. It is a common "branding" and
"look forward" kind of behavior among us. For example, if Linus Torvald
use Apple, many Linux users may want to try it too.

Now, do we really need a guideline? I think we should. May be just a


Yeak Nai Siew wrote:
| Hi all,
| Does anyone experience issue regarding government sectors prefer to use
| SuSE Linux and even making it a "policy" for deployment?
| My recent proposal of using Red Hat Enterprise Linux being rejected not
| due to price. The customer told me Mimos, OSCC and DRB-Hicom are
| standardize on SuSE Linux. Thus they want to adhere to that standard. I
| can't verify it... Also in another argument that they prefer SuSE is
| because it has corporate (Novel) or local present; thus making it a more
| preferred choice.
| I wonder what is the guideline to select a vendor that provide Open
| Source services in Malaysia. The guideline should be somewhere, can
| anyone point out?
| The guideline should point out something like this:
| a) Local office - where there is an "official" office in Malaysia.
| (compulsory/optional)
| b) Support channel - where there is call center or available support
| center available. (compulsory/optional)
| c) Training facility - where customer could receive proper training for
| the products they purchased. (compulsory/optional)
| d) Show room - where there is product show case for customer to see and
| experience. (compulsory/optional)
| and so on.
| Thanks.

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